PiXiE Encoder

PiXiE Encoder

The PiXiE HD Encoder is designed to deliver high quality MPEG-4 AVC video over any IP network, including CDNs (content delivery networks) and the Internet.

PiXiE is great for:

  • Transporting linear programming or occasional use video from point to point / multipoint.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) – Use the Internet to backup your satellite or private fiber link.

Path 1’s PiXiE H.264 Encoder CODEC reduces the complexity and risk of real time encoding and Internet program transport. With a simple web user interface, and small form factor, it integrates into a variety of applications with ease.PiXiE incorporates MPEG-DASH adaptive bit rate technology to enable simple configuration and robust performance for long-haul video services. The PiXiE HD decoder will automatically select among a program’s available bit rates, optimizing playback for adverse network conditions.

Internet Video With PiXiE

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MPEG-DASH for Live Service over the Internet


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