Media General uses PiXiE for Satellite Disaster Recovery

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Media General is one of the largest cross-screen, multimedia companies in the United States, responsible for operating and servicing 71 television stations in 48 markets along with the industry's leading digital media business. Through a robust portfolio of broadcast, digital, and mobile products, Media General provides consumers and advertisers with premium quality entertainment and informational content on every screen.   Currently, Media General informs and engages 23 percent of U.S. TV households and more than 50 percent of the U.S. Internet audiences.

The Challenge

As a leading multimedia company, Media General is always looking to increase operational simplicity, especially in disaster recovery (DR) scenarios Media General Mapfor the primary distribution signals.

DR networks are fundamentally designed to reduce risk by backing up the main network, enabling programming to remain on-air even when disaster strikes. So, even a slightly complicated DR network could be a risk to an organization. Moreover, since DR is rarely used, it must be highly reliable. For these reasons, and with today’s restrictive budgets, organizations are looking to use existing Internet network capacity to carry the DR services.

Therein lies the challenge: how to get an exceptionally simple, reliable, and budget-friendly nationwide disaster recovery network up and running over the shared Internet.

The Solution

Path 1’s IP video adapters have been the benchmark standard for DR since first being used by Vyvx in HD VenueNet for both primary and backup feeds during 2004 Super Bowl. Today, the company’s new PiXiE-E1 encoder is capable of compressing input broadcast signals using AVC/AAC at multiple bitrates and then serving MPEG-DASH adaptive bit rate Internet streams to PiXiE-D1 decoders. The result is a high-quality, robust broadcast signal delivered over the Internet.

Media General has deployed the PiXiE encoder and decoder for point-to-multipoint satellite disaster recovery. PiXiE was chosen by Media General because it provides the multimedia company with a hardware and software solution designed and manufactured with an obvious focus on simplicity and reliability.

PiXiE assures superior quality user experience relying on advanced standards-based technologies for efficient and speedy compression of video (i.e., 720p/1080i/NTSC/PAL), in addition to supporting all 16 audio channels plus ancillary data.

The PiXiE encoder requires almost no setup other than the network interface and the maximum encode bit rate, further increasing operational efficiency for Media General’s DR. Using one or more PiXiE decoders and the IP address for the PiXiE encoder, Media General can simultaneously pull video across the shared public Internet at the highest possible quality.

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