Path 1 partnership with Solekai continues for the long term

Solekai LogoPath 1 and Solekai Systems, a San Diego based software engineering services firm, have done business together for over 15 years!

Path 1 first hired Solekai to design and code video timing clock recovery firmware for the formidable Cx1000 – a first mover uncompressed SDI over IP gateway.    More recently, Path 1 hired Solekai to craft complex audio synchronization logic for its PiXiE-E1 & PiXiE-D1 low latency MPEG DASH Adaptive Bitrate CODEC.  Path 1 partnership with Solekai is good for both companies.

Path 1 especially appreciates that Solekia develops software right here in San Diego, hiring only US engineers.   Thank you Solekai for your long term partnership!