Path 1 Teams Up With bitmovin to Enhance Video Streaming Quality

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SAN DIEGO April 28, 2015 — Path 1, a leading global provider of IP content delivery, today announced that it has teamed up with bitmovin, an industry leading provider of over-the-top (OTT) streaming solutions and cloud transcoding systems, to optimize playback of video content delivered over the Internet. Under the partnership, Path 1’s new PiXiE Player, a professional, software-based MPEG-DASH decoder, is now integrated with bitmovin’s bitdash™ suite of highly optimized MPEG-DASH clients for various platforms and devices. This enables operators in the corporate, enterprise, and house of worship markets to deliver an optimal streaming performance and user experience, particularly in adverse network conditions. Path 1 showcased the new, integrated PiXiE Player at the recently concluded 2015 NAB Show.

“Technology partnerships are ultimately created to benefit end customers, and that’s precisely what this announcement is all about,” said Bart Schade, president and CTO of Path 1. “By partnering with bitmovin, we are able to include critical Web technology in the new PiXiE Player decoder, guaranteeing superior quality of experience for end users. Path 1 and bitmovin share a passion for quality and reliability when it comes to video distribution over the Internet, making this collaboration a natural next step for both companies.”

The bitdash software suite from bitmovin complements Path 1’s PiXiE Player decoder by providing smooth Web browser playback of video content generated by the PIXiE-E1 encoder. Through advanced adaptive bitrate (ABR) algorithms and a simple, yet powerful API, bitdash ensures a significantly higher quality of experience compared with other ABR streaming technologies and clients on the market.

bitdash MPEG-DASH streaming clients do not require any specific plug-ins. They are available as JavaScript™-based implementation for HTML5 platforms using the Media Source Extensions, as well as Adobe® Flash® Player-based clients for usage within Web browsers that do not support adaptive streaming for HTML5 (e.g. Firefox), providing operators with increased flexibility. Leveraging the versatility of bitdash, operators can support mobile platforms like Android™ and iOS® without needing third-party apps. The platform-agnostic streaming clients automatically use HLS as fallback on platforms without MPEG-DASH support for maximum coverage.

By providing operators with an end-to-end, MPEG-DASH-based solution for delivering high-quality live and on-demand video content over the Internet, Path 1’s PiXiE-E1 encoder and the PiXiE Player decoder optimize operational efficiencies and cost savings. Under Path 1’s MPEG-DASH-based delivery approach, operators only need to encode content once before simultaneously delivering it via SDI, HDMI, and Web workflows. This increases cost savings for operators while providing end users with a faster, higher-quality streaming experience. The PiXiE Player’s intuitive Web user interface ensures a seamless integration into any professional video operation.

“Teaming up with Path 1 brings a multitude of benefits to professional video operators,” said Christian Timmerer, CIO, bitmovin. “Aside from the cost savings and operational efficiencies realized through MPEG-DASH, our integrated solution allows operators to deliver a smooth streaming experience without buffering, satisfying the growing demand for high-quality video content on any device.”