Pride in partnership with Odyssey Computing

Businesses local to each other should form partnerships together for shared benefits.  In this case, Odessey Inc Logosimple word of mouth about town lead to the introduction between Path 1 and Odyssey Computing.  The result is a bespoke product web user interface that is simple and delightful.  This collaboration is something both companies are now proud of.

States the Case Study:  "Combined with PiXiE’s minimal yet graceful form, our web UI integrates into a variety of applications seamlessly providing 24/7 reliability with smooth transitioning from internet to private line networks. PiXiE allows operators the ability to set up mobile studies from production trucks and operate under a variety of conditions flawlessly. Our software admin application was designed to be extremely easy to use while also providing all the support necessary for precision based control of Path 1’s PiXiE hardware. "

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