PiXiE-D1 Decoder for SDI/HDSDI with 16 Audio Channels, all VANC and Local Reference Clock Input

The PiXiE Decoder works with standard MPEG DASH encoders and delivers SDI into your workflow. PiXiE Decoders read standard MPEG DASH manifest files and then pull content segment files from the Internet or a CDN. PiXiE Decoders work with a PiXiE Encoder and deliver precise end-to-end latency. As the number of decoders increase, add PiXiE Proxy for scalability, redundancy, and security.

PiXiE incorporates MPEG-DASH Adaptive Bit Rate technology so that setup is simple and performance is robust for long-haul video services. PiXiE decoders use HTTP, the language of your browser, and operate behind your firewall with no setup.

Path 1’s innovative PiXiE Encoder, Decoder, Mini and Proxy work together to reduce the complexity and risk of real-time Internet program transport.  With a simple web user interface, and small 1RU rack mount form factor, PiXiE Decoder integrates into a variety of applications with ease.

With a simple web user interface, and small form factor, PiXiE integrates into a variety of applications with ease.  And, PiXiE Decoders deliver a great picture!

PiXiE-E1/D1 Graphic