PiXiE-E1 Encoder for SDI/HDSDI with 16 Audio Channels plus all VANC

The PiXiE-E1 Encoder is for SDI live video contribution and primary distribution. PiXiE Encoders compress live HD or SD video over any IP network, including CDNs and the public Internet. PiXiE-E1 Encoders can support multiple PiXiE-D1 Decoders with precisely synchronized end-to-end latency.

PiXiE Encoders & Decoders incorporate MPEG-DASH Adaptive Bit Rate technology so that setup is simple and performance is robust even for long-haul video services. PiXiE encoders are like a web server and can deliver video to one or many decoders simultaneously using HTTP. Path 1’s innovative PiXiE Encoder, PiXiE Decoder, PiXiE Mini and PiXiE Proxy work together to reduce the complexity and risk of real-time Internet program transport. 

With a simple web user interface, and small form factor, PiXiE integrates into a variety of applications with ease. And, PiXiE Encoders deliver a great picture!

PiXiE-E1/D1 Graphic