PiXiE Player for Content Decode at your Browser


The PiXiE Player is a professional web based software video decoder for MPEG-DASH content.  The player is simple and convenient to use.  Either click to play from the PIXiE-E1 Encoder web user interface or embed the Player in your own homepage or other video portal using the HTML snippet (see below).

PiXiE Player is fully compatible with the MPEG-DASH standard and because of it’s advanced Adaptive Bit Rate logic your customers will enjoy a quick startup and robust performance for 7/24 or occasional use.   Built in controls allow for pause, fast-forward, and rewind for both live and on-demand content.

PiXiE Encoders and Decoders incorporate MPEG-DASH Adaptive Bit Rate technology so that setup is simple and performance is robust for long-haul video services. All PiXiE products use HTTP, the language of your browser, to work with CDNs and operate behind firewalls.

Path 1’s innovative PiXiE products work together to reduce complexity and risks of real-time primary distribution and contribution.  With attention to simple web user interfaces and compact form factors, PiXiE integrates into your application workflows with ease.

And, PiXiE Player delivers a great picture!

Data Sheet

Click to play using PiXiE-E1 Encoder Web User Interface


Embed HTML snippet in your web site or video portal