PiXiE Proxy Replicates one PiXiE Encoder to Multiple Decoders

Proxy-pageGraphic-forWebPiXiE Proxy offers a simple way to deliver your video and audio content to hundreds of PiXiE Decoders simultaneously. PiXiE Proxy uses a high bandwidth Internet connection and provides caching server functions for your PiXiE E1 Encoder & PiXiE D1 Decoders.   With PiXiE Proxy you can be your own CDN, securing significant cost savings and reduced operating costs.

PiXiE Proxy sits between PiXiE Encoders and one or more PiXiE Decoders.   MPEG-DASH HTTP video file requests are intercepted by the PiXiE Proxy and fulfilled from the cache if available.  If not, the PiXiE encoder “origin server” answers the request and a copy of the segment file is kept on the PiXiE Proxy.   PiXiE Proxy includes a simple Web UI for configuration primary & backup origin servers for no single point of failure.

Path 1’s innovative PiXiE Encoder, Decoder, Mini and Proxy work together to reduce the complexity and risk of real-time Internet content delivery.  With a simple web user interface, and small form factor, PiXiE products integrate into a variety of applications with ease.